What is the Full Form of OK / Okay?

    The Full Form of OK / Okay? is Oll Korrect (All Correct) / Okay.                                                     What does OK mean? / What does OK stand for?

OK means '‘ Oll Korrect '' 
  • OK is an Abbreviation / Acronym / short form word which means Oll Korrect
  • OK- Oll correct, All Correct, All Korrect, Okay, Okey
  • Ola Kala (Greek: Everything's fine; an origin for the word Okay!)
  • OK mean agreed, understood and acknowledgement in positive and affirmative way.
  • OK also spelled as O.K, Okay, and okey, is an acronym used to indicate/shows agree, acceptance, positive and affirmative acknowledgement.


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Acronyms, abbreviations, Full form, shorthand, Internet slang word term and initialism of OK and what does OK stand for in different categories are following: -
OK  >>
  •     Oklahoma (US postal abbreviation)
  •      Okay
  •      Oll Korrect (origin of OK meaning Okay)
  •      Ola Kala (Greek: Everything's fine; an origin for the word Okay)
  •      On Kerosene (India)
  •      Obvious Knowledge
  •      Outside Knowledge (research company)
  •      All Correct
  •      Opportunity Knocks
  •      Organizational Knowledge
  •      Oll Korrect
  •     Organized Knowledge
  •     Objection Killed
  •     Official Knowledge


What is Oll Korrect?  Definition of OK - Oll Korrect.

Some points are listed as meaning and definition of OK point of view: -
  • OK has been described as the most frequently spoken or written word on this earth.     
  • OK is frequently used as a loanword in other language and in another region also.
  • Variations of ok are there as per different region and languages.
  • Some examples of various variations of OK are appended below: -
  • Okeh, hokay, kay, k, kk, oka, ok, O.K.
  • As far as OK = Oll Korrect, it is understood that this is misspelled version of All Correct which means everything is fine. 

List of some sentences related to OK short Form which may be helpful to understand OK Abbreviation: -
For example- we have been asked/told by someone (Example of OK during conversation)
  • To asking someone’s well-being, how are you? Replied – All correct or OK
  • I am sorry. Replied – Its ok
  • Can you do this? Replied- Yes, why not, ok I will do that (casually, we used to say)
  • I have repaired my bike and now its ok or my bike condition is almost ok now.
  • If I asked someone for help and if he says OK. It is understood that he is agreeing to help me.  

Example of OK in sentences: -
  •  The director has approved, so it is OK to carried out this task.
  • Boss has given permission as OK to go ahead with this project.
Some Common question/query related to OK – Oll Korrect

What is abbreviation / short form of Oll Korrect? – OK
What is full form of Okay/OK? -  Oll Korrect
How to abbreviate Okay / Oll Korrect?  -   OK

Early History and origin of OK

Although the history and origin of OK acronym has been widely discussed time to time that when the word OK has been started. So many questions arise; is it OK- Oll correct, OK- Ole Kurrect, OK- All Correct, OK – All Korrect or the various versions which is available from past to present. Various abbreviations and its origin are a matter of discussion.
However, the final and only one, correct one meaning or full form of ok is still vary, especially now a days, in the time of social media texting and chatting platform.
{Early history of OK
Allen Walker Read identifies the earliest known use of O.K. in print as 1839, in the edition of 23 March of the Boston Morning Post. The announcement of a trip by the Anti-Bell-Ringing Society (a "frolicsome group" according to Read) received attention from the Boston papers. Charles Gordon Greene wrote about the event using the line that is widely regarded as the first instance of this strain of OK, complete with gloss:
The above is from the Providence Journal, the editor of which is a little too quick on the trigger, on this occasion. We said not a word about our deputation passing "through the city" of Providence. —We said our brethren were going to New York in the Richmond, and they did go, as per Post of Thursday. The "Chairman of the Committee on Charity Lecture Bells," is one of the deputation, and perhaps if he should return to Boston, via Providence, he of the Journal, and his train-band, would have his "contribution box," et ceteras, o.k.—all correct—and cause the corks to fly, like sparks, upward.
Source: Wikipedia}

OK Gesture

OK Gesture used to show nice, good, beautiful acknowledgement.
For example –
  •     How’s this > Wow! its nice (Replied with OK gesture)
  •     How I am looking > Beautiful (Replied with OK gesture)
  •     Is this art being impressive? > Yes, its nice and impressive, looks like live and real art. Its fantastic (Replied with OK gesture)

Use of OK Gesture many persons in day to day conversations by professions in many fields. OK gesture as form of communication is used by SCUBA Diver which means ‘Everything is OK’.

How to Show OK Gesture?

The OK or ring gesture ("👌") is performed by connecting the thumb and index into a circle and holding the other fingers straight or relaxed away from the palm. Commonly used by divers, it signifies "I am OK" or "Are you OK?" when underwater. In most English-speaking countries it denotes approval, agreement, and that all is well or "okay". In other contexts, or cultures, similar gestures may have different meanings or connotations including those that are negative, offensive, financial, numerical, devotional, political, or purely linguistic. (Source - Wikipedia)


"OK" is certainly one of the most common day to day usable word /expressions in the English language. It is one of the smallest word. OK can be used as an adjective, a noun, and a verb.
 OK- Oll correct,  All Correct, All Korrect’’

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