What does BRM stand for?

BRM stands for Business Relationship Management


What does BRM mean?

BRM means ‘‘Business Relationship Management '' 
BRM is an Abbreviation / Acronym / short form word which means Business Relationship Management.

BRM is a formal way to manage the healthy environment, culture and relationship among organizational members/staffs. It is formal and well-designed approach to understand, support and defining inter business day to day activities.


What is  Business Relationship Management?  Definition of BRM -  Business Relationship Management.

BRM consists of skills, behavior, knowledge between different part/departments of organisations, for example – Human resource Department, Information Technology, Research & Development, Design & Development, Finance and Welfare. 
BRM also stand for Business Relationship Manager. It is the action of Business Relationship Manager to make sure the implementation of Business Relationship Management at all levels of organization.

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Acronyms, abbreviations, Full form, shorthand, Internet slang word term and initialism of BRM and what does BRM stands for in different categories are following: -

BRM – Bill & Revenue Management
Bill and Revenue Management is all about smooth flow and process of monitoring and managing the transaction at all level of organization and finally to the customer level. BRM supports business flow process for the capture, generation and assurance of revenue. There is various type of application which tracks companies list of inventories to customers, all assets, contracts, invoices and billing.

BRM – Building Repair & Maintenance
This acronym is also widely used in real sector/construction sector and in its related organizations, about contracts between builder and the flat owners. This is kinds of services which includes works to done for proper maintenance of building.

What does BRM stands for in different categories

BRM    British Racing Motors
BRM    Business Relationship Management
BRM    Billing and Revenue Management
BRM    Bridge Resource Management
BRM    Business Risk Management
BRM    Business Resource Management
BRM    Business Reply Mail
BRM    Basic Reference Model
BRM    Business Reference Model
BRM    Backup Resource Monitor
BRM    Backup Recovery and Media Services
BRM    Business Rule Management
BRM    Business Research Method
BRM    Business Road Map
BRM    Bike Repair Man
BRM    Business Regional Manager
BRM    Basic Remote Module
BRM    Bio-Regulator/Modulator
BRM    Building Repair & Maintenance
BRM    Bit Repetition Message


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What is abbreviation / short form of  Business Relationship Management? – BRM
What is full form of BRM? -  Business Relationship Management
How to abbreviate  Business Relationship Management?  -   BRM

What is Oracle BRM?
Introduction BRM • Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (Oracle BRM) is the Telco's industry´s leading solution intended for communications service providers. • BRM can bill and manage all communications services including wire line, wireless, broadband, cable, voice over IP, IPTV, music, and video. (Source: - slidshare)

Where is BRM Law college?
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My favorite cycle is BRM cycle.
BRM Institute Of Management And Information Technology provide  business skills, management and IT education.

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