117+ Social Media Abbreviations, Acronyms, Full Form You Must Know

117+ Social Media Acronyms, Full Form for texting or messaging in the way of expressing and communicating on Online

Well, Short form of any words or group of words are widely used and appreciating on any social media platform since starting of the same. Although, we must be very cautious to use acronyms on social media or anywhere on writing or communicating platform to avoid misleading the message or misunderstanding of communication.

Social media acronyms, abbreviations, Short Form and Full Form also known as social media slang which is now a days become an integral part of social media texting. As this provide us quick manner for expression to anyone, in other way, it is going to destroy the real form of languages and we can say that up to some extent it creates some kind of confusion too. Although, it is an era of less time more work, we try our best to express or communicate as soon as possible and It is digital world so some kind of digital way of slang languages are being slowly developed.

Some of these abbreviations which are commonly used now a days and time to time on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and WhatsApp are appended below.

Facebook and WhatsApp Abbreviation / Full Form

AMA  – Ask me anything
FYI    – For your information
IMO   – in my opinion
ASAP – as soon as possible
BFF   – Best friend forever
IDC   – I don’t care
ILY    – I Love You
IDK   – I don’t know
TBH   – to be honest
NBD  – No big deal
HTH  – happy to help
CC    – Carbon copy
DAE  – Does anyone else
DM   – Direct Message
F2F   – Face to face
TTYS – Talk to you soon
LMK  – Let me know
FYI   – For your information
JK    – Just kidding
Txt   – Text
YSK  – You should know
LOL  – laughing out loud
TL-DR-Too long didn’t read
OMG oh! my God!
PR – public relation
CTA – Call to Action
OMW – On my way
IMO – in my opinion
NSFW – Not safe for work
TMI – Too much information
WFH – Work from home
Thx- Thanks
Pic – Picture
TTYL – Talk to you later
TTYN – Talk to you never

List of Social media abbreviations for Business

B2C - Business-to-business
TOS – Terms of Service
B2B – Business-to-business
T&C – Terms and Conditions
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
KPI – Key Performance Indicator
PV – Page Views
CR – Conversion Rate
CPC- Cost Per Click
CPC – Cost Per Click
CTR – Click Through Rate
CMS – Content Management System

Social Media slang listed below

How to use some short form / acronyms on social media .. Facebook, whatApp, Instagram, twitter.. etc
TBH – to be honest
AFAIK – as far as I know
BRB -Be right back
NBD – No big deal
FOMO – Fear of missing out
FTFY - Fixed that for you UI – User Interface
ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
TGIF – Thank God it’s Friday
HBD – Happy birthday
GG – Good game
DYK – Did you know
WBU – What about you
NTS – Note to self
NVM – Never mind
OOTD – outfit of the day
GR8 – Great
IRL – In real life
L8 – Late

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