The main importance of abbreviation to provide a quick, easy and convenient way of recognizing or indicating some thing. Any abbreviations for any group of words should not be in a manner it makes hindrances to person. Today, in this technological advancement time, there is plenty of full form, abbreviations, acronyms especially when emergence of social media.

The Importance of abbreviation of some common words have been increased and it is very useful day to day reference. Full form can be important in many ways like, quick reference to any where, where group of words are frequently used in long paragraph on specific topic in scientific and research field to quick view to people and many more can be listed. We can take example of some important acronym of daily life. 

SIM - Subscriber Identity Module

IMEI- International Mobile Equipment Identity

PDF - Portable Document Format

BBC- British Broadcasting Corporation

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group

How to Use Abbreviations of any Short form / Acronyms?

Abbreviation of any Short form words can be elaborated in many ways as per context of particular subject. For example Abbreviations of SWAG can be elaborated in many way as shown on subsequent paragraph. Here wan can pick up full form as per its requirement or their meaning. So be cautions to understand SWAG meaning or any short form meaning is only one that what you have seen somewhere. Try to know whether this full form is as per subject or not.
  1. SWAG - Sealed With A Gift
  2. SWAG - Source Ware Archive Group
  3. SWAG - Special Warfare Action Group
  4. SWAG - Still Without A Girlfriend
  5. SWAG - Sharing Warmth Around the Globe
  6. SWAG - Stuff We All Get
  7. SWAG - Semantic Web Agreement Group
  8. SWAG - Squirrel With A Gun
  9. SWAG - Social Workers Association of Georgia

How to find best and most abbreviations, full form of any group of words in very good presentable and understandable manner?

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