What does ARP stand for?

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol                                                                                                                                   

What does ARP mean?

ARP means ‘‘Address Resolution Protocol '' 

ARP is an Abbreviation / Acronym / short form word which means Address Resolution Protocol
The full form of ARP is varying with different categories. Here, focus has been given to two categories: -

 a) Full form of ARP in IRCTC Train Ticket Booking -      Advance Reservation Period
b) What does ARP stand for – in Networking system, LAN, interconnection of various computers in any Offices. -       Address Resolution Protocol

ARP stand for Address Resolution Protocol. ARP Acronym in networking is common communication protocol used for mapping an IP address to a computer connected to a local network. All computers have a unique physical address called MAC address. ARP connects the IP address to the MAC address. It is used for getting the link layers address (MAC address). Address Resolution Protocol is communicating with in the boundaries of a single network.


What is Show ARP Command?  Definition of ARP - Show ARP Command?

Show ARP command or sh ARP command is part of network administration and it uses the ARP command which permits us to show and modify the Address Resolution Protocol. An ARP cache is a normal mapping of IP address to MAC address.


Some more > What is ARP? What is full form of ARP?

Acronyms, abbreviations, Full form, shorthand, Internet slang word term and initialism of ARP and what does ARP stand for in different categories are following: -
ARP   Address Resolution Protocol
ARP   Aerospace Recommended Practice
ARP   Airport Reference Point
ARP   American Registry of Pathology
ARP   Alternative Retirement Plan
ARP   Advanced Research Program
ARP   Air Raid Patrol
ARP   Accelerated Reader Program
ARP   Administrative Remedy Procedure
ARP   Automatic Remittance Processing
ARP   Actual Reduction to Practice
ARP   Animal Research Project
ARP   Assertive Referral Program
ARP   Active Resource Program
ARP   Aerodrome Reference Point
ARP   Actual Retail Price
ARP   Antenna Reference Point
ARP   Automotive Racing Products
ARP   Accelerated Recovery Performance
ARP   Additional Resource Provision
ARP   Administrative Retention Period
ARP   Advance Reservation Period
ARP   Associate in Research and Planning
ARP   Air Refueling Point


Some Common question/query related to ARP – Address Resolution Protocol 

What is abbreviation / short form of Address Resolution Protocol? – ARP
What is full form of ARP? -  Address Resolution Protocol
How to abbreviate Address Resolution Protocol?  -   ARP
What does ARP stand for in Medical category? – Arthritis Related Protein
What does stand for ARP in Business – Actual Retail Price
What does ARP mean in texting? Association of Retired Person

How to show an ARP Table?

The show ARP Table on Unix system >> Type ‘’arp-a’’ and same command can show the arp table in window box provided command prompt. The result of arp-a command displayed list of the network interface, MAC address of the system.

What is ARP Spoofing?

ARP Spoofing is attack on networking system in which malicious and falsified ARP Signal/Message flows over a Local Area Network (LAN). VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the best solutions to get protection against ARP Spoofing.

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