diabetes mellitus medical abbreviation

 Medical Abbreviation for DM is diabetes mellitus. Full form of DM in context of medical acronym is Diabetes Mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly known as diabetes is a kind of  disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by a high blood sugar level characterized by impaired ability of the body to produce or respond to insulin, and thereby maintain proper levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood.

 Important points about Diabetes Mellitus(Abbreviation / Full form - DM)

  • Diagnostic method: High blood sugar
  • Specialty              Endocrinology
  • Symptoms          Frequent urination, increased thirst, increased hunger
  • Complications    Diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state, heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney failure, foot ulcers, cognitive impairment, gastroparesis]
  • Risk factors         Type 1: Family history
  • Type 2: Obesity, lack of exercise, genetics
  • Treatment          Healthy diet, physical exercise
  • Medication         Insulin, anti-diabetic medication

MISSOURI Abbreviation

MISSOURI abbreviation in two letter word is MO.

Missouri is a state in the Midwestern United States and is the 18th-most populous state of the country. The largest urban areas are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and Columbia; the capital is Jefferson City.

Missouri played a central role in the westward expansion of the United States, as memorialized by the Gateway Arch.

Missouri's culture blends elements from the Midwestern and Southern United States.

Well-known Missourians include Chuck Berry, Sheryl Crow, Walt Disney, Edwin Hubble, Nelly, Brad Pitt, Harry S. Truman, and Mark Twain. Universities in Missouri include the University of Missouri and the top-ranked Washington University in St. Louis. Missouri has been called the "Mother of the West" and the "Cave State", but its most famous nickname is the "Show Me State".

List of US States Abbreviation Name

US States Abbreviation - Two-Letter State Abbreviations

For general and quick conversation and communication in respect of US state abbreviations is very important. It is pertinent to give attention for short and write abbreviations acronyms / Full form of state abbreviations if you are writing a paragraph on topic related to states and similar kind of matters. We have to mention States name very frequently. So, it is necessary to know the short form / full form or any day to day regular and official abbreviations.

 US states postal abbreviation list are appended below: -

All abbreviations related to US states abbreviations has been standardized and maintained by United States postal service. These names of all states are short made by capital letters.

Alabama - AL

Alaska - AK

Arizona - AZ

Arkansas - AR

California - CA

Colorado - CO

Connecticut - CT

Delaware - DE

Florida - FL

Georgia - GA

Hawaii - HI

Idaho - ID

Illinois - IL

Indiana - IN

Iowa - IA

Kansas - KS

Kentucky - KY

Louisiana - LA

Maine - ME

Maryland - MD

Massachusetts - MA

Michigan - MI

Minnesota - MN

Mississippi - MS

Missouri - MO

Montana - MT

Nebraska - NE

Nevada - NV

New Hampshire - NH

New Jersey - NJ

New Mexico - NM

New York - NY

North Carolina - NC

North Dakota - ND

Ohio - OH

Oklahoma - OK

Oregon - OR

Pennsylvania - PA

Rhode Island - RI

South Carolina - SC

South Dakota - SD

Tennessee - TN

Texas - TX

Utah - UT

Vermont - VT

Virginia - VA

Washington - WA

West Virginia - WV

Wisconsin - WI

Wyoming - WY

US Commonwealth and Territories

American Samoa - AS

District of Columbia - DC

Federated States of Micronesia - FM

Guam - GU

Marshall Islands - MH

Northern Mariana Islands - MP

Palau - PW

Puerto Rico - PR

Virgin Islands – VI

Traditional States Abbreviations 

This type of traditional state abbreviations are generally first letter capital and next letters are in small letters / lower case. This type of abbreviations is generally used as an indication to original name of states and this is informal way of abbreviating States name.

Alabama - Ala.

Alaska - Alaska

Arizona - Ariz.

Arkansas - Ark.

California - Calif.

Colorado - Colo.

Connecticut - Conn.

Delaware - Del.

District of Columbia - D.C.

Florida - Fla.

Georgia - Ga.

Hawaii - Hawaii

Idaho - Idaho

Illinois - Ill

Indiana - Ind.

Iowa - Iowa

Kansas - Kans.

Kentucky - Ky.

Louisiana - La.

Maine - Maine

Maryland - Md

Massachusetts - Mass.

Michigan - Mich.

Minnesota - Minn.

Mississippi - Miss.

Missouri - Mo.

Montana - Mont.

Nebraska - Neb. or Nebr.

Nevada - Nev.

New Hampshire - N.H.

New Jersey - N.J.

New Mexico - N.Mex.

New York - N.Y

North Carolina - N.C.

North Dakota - N.Dak.

Ohio - Ohio

Oklahoma - Okla.

Oregon - Ore. or Oreg.

Pennsylvania - Pa.

Rhode Island - R.I.

South Carolina - S.C.

South Dakota - S.Dak.

Tennessee - Tenn.

Texas - Tex. or Texas

Utah - Utah

Vermont - Vt.

Virginia - Va.

Washington - Wash.

West Virginia - W.Va.

Wisconsin - Wis. or Wisc.

Wyoming - Wyo.

What does FMS Stand for

FMS stands for Financial Management System, File Management System,

Food Management System ...                                                                                          

What does FMS mean?

FMS means ‘‘Financial Management System'' 

FMS is an Abbreviation / Acronym / short form word which means Financial Management System. Apart from this full form, there are more popular full form for FMS are –

Foreign Military Service,

Flight Management System

Faculty of Management Studies

Fleet Management System

File Management System

Food Management System

Fleet Material Support

Feedback Management System


Faculty of Management Studies - University of Delhi

Faculty of Management Studies - University of Delhi FMS Delhi and The Red Building of Dreams is a leading business school located in New Delhi, India. It was established in 1954 under the umbrella of the University of Delhi and is often cited as one of the best business schools in India. Wikipedia

Full Form of FMS in different Categories

Acronyms, abbreviations, Full form, shorthand, Internet slang word term and initialism of FMS and what does FMS stand for in different categories; Science & Technology, Medical, texting, are following: -

FMS   Fully Managed Service 

FMS   Fully Managed Service

FMS   Full Mission Simulator

FMS   Fuel Management System

FMS   Forms Management System

FMS   Foreign Military Sales

FMS   Food Management System

FMS   Fluid Management System

FMS   Flow Metering System

FMS   Flow Management System 

FMS   Flight Management System

FMS   Flexible Manufacturing System

FMS   Fleet Material Support

FMS   Fleet Management System

FMS   Flash Media Server

FMS   Fiscal Management Services

FMS   Firewall Management System

FMS   Financial Monitoring Service

FMS   Financial Management System

FMS   Financial Management Service

FMS   Film & Media Studies 

FMS   File Management System

FMS   Field Maintenance Squadron

FMS   Fiber Management System

FMS   Feedback Management System

FMS   False Memory Syndrome

FMS   Faculty of Management Studies



Some Common question/query related to FMS

What is abbreviation / short form of Financial Management System? – FMS

What is full form of FMS in Production unit? -  Flexible Manufacturing System

How to abbreviate Financial Management System?  -   FMS

What does FMS stand for in Medical category? – False Memory Syndrome

What does FMS mean in computing? Financial Management Software


The New meaning of FMS


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What does EOL stand for?

EOL stands for Extra Ordinary Leave                                                                                                  

What does EOL meaning?

EOL means ‘‘Extra Ordinary Leave '' 

EOL is an Abbreviation / Acronym / short form word which means Extra Ordinary Leave which is granted to Central government employee in some circumstances.

EOL meaning in other categories - EOL Stand for End of life for products

This term used with reference to product support during supply chain to customers for long term usages and varies by products, the support includes technical support repair overall services and spare parts.

Spare parts lifetimes are price driven due to increasing production costs.

In the computing field, the concept of end-of-life has important in the production supportability and production of software and hardware products.

EOL Stand for and its meaning – EOL Stand for Essence of in context of children education and learning in hostile environment in crisis situations. If children are growing in very adverse situation and facing many barriers to get basic education, the EOL approach must be referred to resolve this issues.


What is Extra Ordinary Leave?  Definition of EOL - Extra Ordinary Leave.

Some general idea about for specific and current update about EOL, you may refer respective government official website or notifications.

EOL Stand for Extra Ordinary Leave and it is granted to Central Government employee in special circumstances.

Generally extra ordinary leave given to Central government servant when no other leave is left, hence no other leave admissible or when other leave is admissible, but the government servant applies in writing for the grant of extra ordinary leave.

 EOL to temporary employment- EOL to temporary employment given in very exceptional circumstances there are certain requirements to number of days and the length of services.


Full Form of EOL in different Categories

Acronyms, abbreviations, Full form, shorthand, Internet slang word term and initialism of EOL and what does EOL stand for in different categories are following: -

EOL   Expression of Interest

EOL   Expected Operating Life

EOL   Everything On-Line 

EOL   End-Of-Letter

EOL   End of Listing

EOL   End Of List

EOL   End Of Line

EOL   End Of Life

EOL   End of Lesson

EOL   End Of Lecture

EOL   End of Lease

EOL   Encyclopedia of Life 





Some Common question/query related to EOL – Extra Ordinary Leave

What is abbreviation / short form of Extra Ordinary Leave? – EOL

What is full form of EOL? -  Extra Ordinary Leave

How to abbreviate Extra Ordinary Leave?  -   EOL

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia about EOL and its different Full forms.

Encyclopedia of Life, a freely accessible, online collaborative bio-encyclopedia

End-of-life (product), a term used with respect to terminating the sale or support of goods and services

End-of-line, a special character or sequence of characters signifying the end of a line of text in computing

Eol, poetic form of Aeolus, a character representing the wind in Greek mythology


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What does SOS stand for?

SOS stands for Save Our Ship (incorrect, but used for same meaning)


What does SOS mean?

SOS meaning ‘‘Save Our Ship '‘. As mentioned above the full form of SOS- Save our Ship is incorrect but it has been used in same sense. It is believed that this term used by maritime personnel on ship to signal as’ save our soul or Save our ship. It is mode and means of communication and show the urgency to get help.

Generally, now a days, SOS Morse code has been used as distress call and associated with save our ship or saving anyone in stress. Due to its wide high profile uses in emergencies the SOS, now become an emergency call to indicate the need for action or crisis.

What is SOS Morse code?

The notation of SOS code Morse is written with an over score line. SOS is just a specific code, a distinctive Morse code which is not an abbreviation or acronyms or any kind of short form for anything or group of meaningful words related to urgency.
SOS is Morse code used at world level and originally invented for maritime purpose.

In international Morse code, three dots form the letter ‘S’ and three dashes form letter ‘O’. So, the ‘SOS’ become a common way to remember the order of the dots and dashes.
SOS code Morse is still identified as standard and basic distress signal. SOS code Morse has been used a visual distress signal; consisting of three short, three long, three short flashlights.

When any technological telecommunication equipment has not been developed, a sign of flag in various color has been used, but with the advancement in radio technology in late 1890s, it was quickly recognized as an aid to maritime communication. Germany was the first country to adopt SOS distress signal.

Short meaning of SOS

SOS is an internationally recognized distress signal that originates from Morse code.

SOS is an Abbreviation / Acronym / short form word which means Save Our Ship


Full Form of SOS in different Categories

Acronyms, abbreviations, Full form, shorthand, Internet slang word term and initialism of SOS and what does SOS stand for in different categories are following: -

SOS   Switch on Screen

SOS   Surveillance Operating System
SOS   Supplies over Seas 
SOS   Superintendent of Schools (Administration)
SOS   Students of Sociology (Various Subject and school)
SOS   Stop Only Sugar (food and nutrition)
SOS   State of the Science 
SOS   Speed of Sound
SOS   Sounds of Silence
SOS   Some Other Solutions 
SOS   Software Operating System
SOS   Slower Older Smarter
SOS   Signals Of Silence 
SOS   Sibling Over Shoulder (texting and chatting)
SOS   Share Operating System
SOS   Sense of Security
SOS   Security of Systems
SOS   Secretary Of State
SOS   Science of Sustainability
SOS   Science of Speed
SOS   Save Our Souls
SOS   Save Our Ship (common but incorrect)
SOS   Same Old Story


Some Common question/query related to SOS 

What is abbreviation / short form of Save Our Ship? – SOS
What is full form of SOS? -  Save Our Soul or save our ship
How to abbreviate Sign of Stress?  -   SOS
What does SOS stand for in Medical category? – Sign of Stress, Site of Surgery

What does SOS meaning in texting or chatting?

When, we are chatting or texting with someone and to show support by somebody, we used to say, ‘someone over shoulder’. So, it is also used in chatting or texting over social media acronym that means some over shoulder.

What is the code for SOS?

As already explained above, the letter ‘S’ is three short dots, the letter ‘O’ is three longer dashes and again, ‘S’ is three short dots. This code may be in the form of flashlight, visual or sound.

SOS full in Medical or Medical category

In medical field, SOS has many different meaning and full form; SOS- if there is needed, repeat once if urgent. In medical term, it is generally used while writing medical related descriptions. It may be different from some medical unit to other medical unit. So, it is necessary to confirm the exact meaning of SOS in particular medical unit or treatment center.
SOS in medicine is also similar to meaning in medical field.

List of some sentences for example related to SOS short Form which may be helpful to understand SOS Abbreviation: -

men stranded on uninhabited island rescued after raising SOS flashlight.

·                  Merchant ship releases SOS Signal to near by ship view possible pirate attack.

The New meaning of SOS


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