What does FMR Stand for?

FMR stands for Financial Management Regulation

What does FMR mean?

FMR means ‘‘Financial Management Regulation '' 

FMR is an Abbreviation / Acronym / short form word which means Financial Management Regulation.

Financial Management Regulation covers the financial management by establishing, setting the define steps and enforcing the specified procedure of works, its requirements, systems, procedures. Financial regulation protects investors, maintain orderly markets and promote financial stability. 
 Its set of principles, standards, and practices necessary to comply with financial management statutory and regulatory requirements and its related lay down activities applicable to all persons and entities involved.


What is Financial Management Regulation?  Definition of FMR - Financial Management Regulation.

Financial regulations have been controlled and managed by government or non-government organizations and structure of its related financial institutions are varies from place to place. The main purpose of a financial regulation is to maintain the integrity of the financial system. 
Financial regulation is a form of supervision and controlling method over financial institution for their activities to ensure certain requirements, restrictions and guidelines, aiming to maintain the stability and integrity of the financial system.

It includes basic financial regulation by enforcing related law by security assistance activities involving accounting, pricing, budgeting, management, fiscal matters.


What is full form of FMR?  What is FMR? 
Acronyms, abbreviations, Full form, shorthand, Internet slang word term and initialism of FMR and what does FMR stand for in different categories are following: -

  1. FMR  False Match Rate (Biometrics)
  2. FMR  Family Medicine Residency 
  3. FMR  Feature Modification Request
  4. FMR  Federal Management Regulations
  5. FMR  Field Marketing Representative
  6. FMR  Field Metabolic Rate
  7. FMR  File Master Record
  8. FMR  Film Music Review 
  9. FMR  First Medical Responder 
  10. FMR  Fleet Material Readiness
  11. FMR  Flexible Market Research
  12. FMR  Follow Main Road
  13. FMR  Former (any designation or post holding in past)
  14. FMR  Forward Maintenance and Repair
  15. FMR  Foundation for Medical Research
  16. FMR  Frequency Modulated Radar
  17. FMR  Full Motion Recording – in Software
  18. FMR  Functional Management Review
  19. FMR  Funds Management Record


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