What does POC stand for?

POC stands for PROOF OF CONCEPT                                   

What does POC mean?

POC means ''  PROOF OF CONCEPT '' 

POC is an Abbreviation / Acronym / short form word which means  PROOF OF CONCEPT

It is kind of prototype presentation / demonstration / display to find out or to show whether this plan / concept / idea can be a reality or not. It is feasibility study of program or project.

The term Proof of Concept understanding is different in various context. It is used in various fields; such as business, software development, film industries and scientific studies, research and its related development. For example – in software design & development, POC is demonstration of program steps that how a particular program will solve a problem to fulfill the requirement.

 In Business context; Proof of Concept is all about a kind of theoretical presentation of what is going to happen about certain project or piece of work. POC is prototype of any software project or business project and a feasibility check of works that is planned.

What is  PROOF OF CONCEPT?  Definition of POC -  PROOF OF CONCEPT.

It is requirement of investor who is going to invest in company or in project. It is usually required by investors who need some theoretical and tangible proof about project or start up.
It helps us to find possible technical and other problems in the planned works or some project and allow us to have some remedies and solutions for the problems at an early stage of the development cycle so that unwanted risks could be reduced.

 Some important points with respect to Proof Of Concept are listed below:-

  • It is a kind of certificate of confidence to investor by startup company or by project manager.
  • PoC for software development means a set of processes that determine whether a software product can be create at a reasonable price, whether this products satisfy the purposes that the people behind it  and longtime market requirement , user friendly to customer and help find the best technologies that can be used to build it.
  • POC is brief demo of any planned project which is going to be present to group of company’s key members.
  • Proof of Concept requires the creation of documentation that fully describe the project flow of implementation and completion.
  • POC in business environment explains the distinct processes with different objective and roles.
  • We can get confidence that our idea, strategy, or plan is worth trying to implement it.
  • POC in startup shows the early indication of product’s feasibility of future products process and its sustainability in markets.  
  • It’s what you show to stakeholders to convince them that the idea you have for this project plan is relevant.
  • We can save our money by not spending it on a concept or idea which is not feasible in terms of technical or financial restrictions.

Some more > What is POC? What is full form of POC?

Acronyms, abbreviations, Full form, shorthand, Internet slang word term and initialism of POC and POC stands for in different categories are following:-
  1. POC - Plan Of Care
  2. POC - Prisoner Of Conscience
  3. POC - Professional Officer Course
  4. POC - Paid Outside of Closing
  5. POC - People Of Color
  6. POC - Piece Of Cloth
  7. POC - Particulate Organic Carbon
  8. POC - Portable Object Compiler
  9. POC - Point Of Care
  10. POC - Purchase Order Change


Some Common question/query related to POC –  PROOF OF CONCEPT

What is abbreviation / short form of  PROOF OF CONCEPT? – POC
What is full form of POC? -  PROOF OF CONCEPT
How to abbreviate  PROOF OF CONCEPT?  -   POC

Some more and selected full form From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, you may visit for latest updated full form of POC in Wikipedia page.

Products of Combustion

POC, PoC, or POc may refer to:

Percentage-of-completion method - a work-in-progress evaluation
Point of contact                        - in an organization
Production office coordinator    -  in film and television production
Proof of concept                       -  development
POC Sports                                       - a Swedish manufacturer

Philippine Olympic Committee  - the National Olympic Committee of the Philippines
Professional Officer Course - of the US Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program

Science and technology
Particulate organic carbon     - carbon particles too large to pass through a filter
Point of care            -  designating a service given at a medical-services facility
Portable oxygen concentrator   -  a medical oxygen source
Proof of concept       -  used to demonstrate the feasibility of an idea
Push to talk over cellular (PoC) -  a service to use a cellphone as walkie-talkie

Other uses
Person of color or People of color
Prisoner of conscience, a term used by Amnesty International
Source:- Wikipedia 

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