List of US States Abbreviation Name

US States Abbreviation - Two-Letter State Abbreviations

For general and quick conversation and communication in respect of US state abbreviations is very important. It is pertinent to give attention for short and write abbreviations acronyms / Full form of state abbreviations if you are writing a paragraph on topic related to states and similar kind of matters. We have to mention States name very frequently. So, it is necessary to know the short form / full form or any day to day regular and official abbreviations.

 US states postal abbreviation list are appended below: -

All abbreviations related to US states abbreviations has been standardized and maintained by United States postal service. These names of all states are short made by capital letters.

Alabama - AL

Alaska - AK

Arizona - AZ

Arkansas - AR

California - CA

Colorado - CO

Connecticut - CT

Delaware - DE

Florida - FL

Georgia - GA

Hawaii - HI

Idaho - ID

Illinois - IL

Indiana - IN

Iowa - IA

Kansas - KS

Kentucky - KY

Louisiana - LA

Maine - ME

Maryland - MD

Massachusetts - MA

Michigan - MI

Minnesota - MN

Mississippi - MS

Missouri - MO

Montana - MT

Nebraska - NE

Nevada - NV

New Hampshire - NH

New Jersey - NJ

New Mexico - NM

New York - NY

North Carolina - NC

North Dakota - ND

Ohio - OH

Oklahoma - OK

Oregon - OR

Pennsylvania - PA

Rhode Island - RI

South Carolina - SC

South Dakota - SD

Tennessee - TN

Texas - TX

Utah - UT

Vermont - VT

Virginia - VA

Washington - WA

West Virginia - WV

Wisconsin - WI

Wyoming - WY

US Commonwealth and Territories

American Samoa - AS

District of Columbia - DC

Federated States of Micronesia - FM

Guam - GU

Marshall Islands - MH

Northern Mariana Islands - MP

Palau - PW

Puerto Rico - PR

Virgin Islands – VI

Traditional States Abbreviations 

This type of traditional state abbreviations are generally first letter capital and next letters are in small letters / lower case. This type of abbreviations is generally used as an indication to original name of states and this is informal way of abbreviating States name.

Alabama - Ala.

Alaska - Alaska

Arizona - Ariz.

Arkansas - Ark.

California - Calif.

Colorado - Colo.

Connecticut - Conn.

Delaware - Del.

District of Columbia - D.C.

Florida - Fla.

Georgia - Ga.

Hawaii - Hawaii

Idaho - Idaho

Illinois - Ill

Indiana - Ind.

Iowa - Iowa

Kansas - Kans.

Kentucky - Ky.

Louisiana - La.

Maine - Maine

Maryland - Md

Massachusetts - Mass.

Michigan - Mich.

Minnesota - Minn.

Mississippi - Miss.

Missouri - Mo.

Montana - Mont.

Nebraska - Neb. or Nebr.

Nevada - Nev.

New Hampshire - N.H.

New Jersey - N.J.

New Mexico - N.Mex.

New York - N.Y

North Carolina - N.C.

North Dakota - N.Dak.

Ohio - Ohio

Oklahoma - Okla.

Oregon - Ore. or Oreg.

Pennsylvania - Pa.

Rhode Island - R.I.

South Carolina - S.C.

South Dakota - S.Dak.

Tennessee - Tenn.

Texas - Tex. or Texas

Utah - Utah

Vermont - Vt.

Virginia - Va.

Washington - Wash.

West Virginia - W.Va.

Wisconsin - Wis. or Wisc.

Wyoming - Wyo.

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