What does EOL stand for?

EOL stands for Extra Ordinary Leave                                                                                                  

What does EOL meaning?

EOL means ‘‘Extra Ordinary Leave '' 

EOL is an Abbreviation / Acronym / short form word which means Extra Ordinary Leave which is granted to Central government employee in some circumstances.

EOL meaning in other categories - EOL Stand for End of life for products

This term used with reference to product support during supply chain to customers for long term usages and varies by products, the support includes technical support repair overall services and spare parts.

Spare parts lifetimes are price driven due to increasing production costs.

In the computing field, the concept of end-of-life has important in the production supportability and production of software and hardware products.

EOL Stand for and its meaning – EOL Stand for Essence of in context of children education and learning in hostile environment in crisis situations. If children are growing in very adverse situation and facing many barriers to get basic education, the EOL approach must be referred to resolve this issues.


What is Extra Ordinary Leave?  Definition of EOL - Extra Ordinary Leave.

Some general idea about for specific and current update about EOL, you may refer respective government official website or notifications.

EOL Stand for Extra Ordinary Leave and it is granted to Central Government employee in special circumstances.

Generally extra ordinary leave given to Central government servant when no other leave is left, hence no other leave admissible or when other leave is admissible, but the government servant applies in writing for the grant of extra ordinary leave.

 EOL to temporary employment- EOL to temporary employment given in very exceptional circumstances there are certain requirements to number of days and the length of services.


Full Form of EOL in different Categories

Acronyms, abbreviations, Full form, shorthand, Internet slang word term and initialism of EOL and what does EOL stand for in different categories are following: -

EOL   Expression of Interest

EOL   Expected Operating Life

EOL   Everything On-Line 

EOL   End-Of-Letter

EOL   End of Listing

EOL   End Of List

EOL   End Of Line

EOL   End Of Life

EOL   End of Lesson

EOL   End Of Lecture

EOL   End of Lease

EOL   Encyclopedia of Life 





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What is abbreviation / short form of Extra Ordinary Leave? – EOL

What is full form of EOL? -  Extra Ordinary Leave

How to abbreviate Extra Ordinary Leave?  -   EOL

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Encyclopedia of Life, a freely accessible, online collaborative bio-encyclopedia

End-of-life (product), a term used with respect to terminating the sale or support of goods and services

End-of-line, a special character or sequence of characters signifying the end of a line of text in computing

Eol, poetic form of Aeolus, a character representing the wind in Greek mythology


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